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We live in an era where everything is ‘virtual’. Non-profits need to keep up with the changing times so that they don’t become obsolete. Subsequently, NGOs have jumped on the wagon by providing the option of “online volunteering”. Welcome to the new age of volunteering where you can be a part of something bigger from wherever you are.

So, what exactly is virtual or online volunteering? It’s simple – to be a volunteer on an online platform without having to go to a site. Online volunteering platforms connect you with NGOs where you can utilize your skills and contribute to the society.

We all spend a substantial amount of time idling in front of a screen. We browse meaninglessly sometimes hoping we have something better to do. How would the option to volunteer your time without moving from your keyboard sound? If you are interested, then read on to understand how this works.

How does online volunteering work?

Have you thought about volunteering with NGOs but held yourself back? Do you have personal constraints that prevents you from going out to a site and using your skills? Well, you do not have to think anymore. You can become an online volunteer.

If you have time and a skill you wish to donate, but for whatever reason cannot be physically present at the site, then you can opt to volunteer online. All you require is a smartphone or a computer with an internet connection, and you can change the world from anywhere!

Chezuba is a volunteering platform where we connect NGOs who have a requirement and individuals who want to donate their time and skills. You start by creating your profile. Then you can browse for projects for a cause of your liking and apply.

Once you get an approval for the project you can confirm your availability and start making a difference!