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What does Chezuba mean?

Chezuba means “Thank you” in Burmese.


Do I have to pay to sign up on Chezuba?

No, you can sign up and explore our platform free of charge. After you update your profile with Certificate of Registration and other details, you can post your first project.

How to raise a project?

NGOs interested in raising projects on Chezuba need to register, fill in related information regarding their organization and upload their Certificate of Registration. Read more guidelines on how Chezuba works and how to post your first project. You can also make a use of our templates once you login. If you have more questions regarding projects, you can always reach to us at [email protected] and we will guide you through the process. .

How is Chezuba different from other volunteer matching services?

Chezuba is dedicated to providing online skilled-based volunteering opportunities in comparison to traditional on-site general volunteering. All the NGOs on board go through a due diligence by the Chezuba team reinforcing the genuineness of the NGO and it’s works. Each project has clearly listed deliverables and intended impact. We constantly follow up with the NGO and volunteer so as to maintain the accountability of the deliverables from both sides.

What is the duration of a project?

The duration of the project vastly varies between as short as 1 week to as long as 26 weeks, with the volunteer typically expected to commit between 2-8 hours per week.

What if I need more volunteers?

As of now, each project on Chezuba can be matched to only one volunteer. If you need more volunteers for the project, please create a new project of the same content or divide the project into two.

Will I meet the volunteer?

Chezuba is an online volunteering platform, all projects on Chezuba can be finished online and our volunteers are not required to visit the NGO they are matched to. They will help you to finish the task from their home.


How do I become an online volunteer?

Interested volunteers may register and browse projects on www.chezuba.net/Projects. Use the available filters to narrow down the projects based on your skills and the causes that you care for. When you find the project you are interested in, click on “Apply now” in the Project details.

Do I have to visit the NGO that I’m interested to work for?

No. All our projects are possible to complete online without you leaving your home.

Do volunteers get any confirmation of their accomplished work?

Yes. Every volunteer who has successfully finished a project on Chezuba is provided with a certificate approved by the NGO and Chezuba. Additionally, all the projects a volunteer undertakes are fed into our Social impact portfolio, which can be shared with recruiters and universities.

What if I have more concerns?

Please write to us on [email protected]. We are more than happy to hear your concerns and even happier to address them.