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We are a diverse team of individuals who have lived and volunteered in different countries with a common purpose – bring countries together to make an impact.
CHEZUBA – thank you in Burmese – is a reminder to ourselves to be grateful always. You have the capability to impact others.
To every person who is trying to make a difference, we want to say Chezuba!


To facilitate every skill in the world in meeting a social need.


Chezuba provides impact opportunities to skilled workforce across the globe by matching their skill to the NGOs is need of that skill thereby creating more volunteers on the planet. We intend to make volunteering easy by facilitating skill-based projects which the volunteers can undertake online, and impactful by making use of the volunteers’ skill.


We, at Chezuba, act with INTENT, strive for IMPACT, live with INTEGRITY.

Our Team

Aashima was volunteering with NGOs such as the Concern India Foundation, U&I and the Blue Cross since her early school days. With her major in Psychology and varied work experience from HR to Psychiatry, she is the perfect fit to assist nonprofits and volunteer in improving their virtual volunteering experience.
Aashima Customer Support Executive
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Adela’s enthusiasm for foreign languages and cultures took her to Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei where she got her MA and became Chinese language proficient. Before joining Chezuba, she worked in the public sector serving foreign missions for more than 6 years. With her great attention to detail, she is now building a product for multicultural users.
Adela Chief Experience Officer
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A tech-savvy business professional with experience working in several MNCs like GE, IBM, and Bharti Airtel, Allen has also previously assisted a US-based NGO to expand its operations to Burma and Malaysia. In Chezuba, he is combining his expertise and passion for social work to accelerate the growth and outreach of the organization.
Allen Program Officer
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Cassius has 16+ years of experience in operations, customer care, up-selling, and Business Development. He has a nice blend of experience working with fortune 500 companies as well as grass root - level NGOs. His most recent job involved establishing operations and processes for an Australian firm in India.
Cassius Global
Business Development Head
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Eunice has 13+ years of experience in Business Development, IT Recruitment, Training and People Management. When not working, she enjoys reading and indulges in the creative arts. Aligned with the mission of Chezuba, she also volunteers for a Christian organization teaching underprivileged kids and training teachers.
Eunice Business Development Executive
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Gabriela is a young economist with a deep interest in the area of social projects that advance the SDGs. This has taken her to support Chezuba as Regional Ambassador in her home country. In her role, she finds great joy in promoting Chezuba among her fellow millennials and exploring new opportunities to connect Nicaraguan volunteers with the NGOs.
Gabriela Regional Ambassador
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A science and a tech enthusiast graduated from the IIT, Jagan has worked in Business Development in the education and food sectors and established sales and operations processes for a startup. A co-founder of AIESEC IIT Dhanbad, he first understood the joy of volunteering in Malaysia and Russia.
Jagan Chief Operations Officer
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Leo is a French engineer eager to discover the world through the lens of multiculturalism. He has pursued an MSc in Environmental Management in France and China. In charge of exploring the French-speaking market, he tries to juggle his multiple projects to enlarge Chezuba’s opportunities.
Leo Regional Ambassador
French speaking region
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Mani can create a buzz without buzz words. He is skilled at setting up processes, taking training sessions, end to end client management and bringing customer success through service. As an engineer & experienced educationist, who enjoys bringing in impactful change, at Chezuba he makes NGO’s create impactful projects.
Mani Project Specialist
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Murali has extensive experience building tech-products in the US and in India. He has worked with MNCs like NCR Corporation and Amazon. He has previously assisted in building a web-app for YouSee NGO. At Chezuba, he is the Chief Technical Advisor guiding our in-house tech team at every hurdle they face.
Murali Chief Technical Advisor
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Peter is a Screenwriter and a Speculative Fiction Writer. He has landed coverage in print and publishing outlets around the world, including Business Expert Press, New York and Invincible Publishers, India. Besides writing, Peter is very passionate about making the world better and that’s why he joined Chezuba.
Peter Regional Ambassador
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Pranavi has expertise in the non-profit sector, understanding all in-and-outs of the NGOs life-cycle as Program Development, Fundraising and Strategic Planning. Her work in slums brought her closer to understanding of the social inequalities. Outside work, she spends time curating wholesome and nutritious recipes.
Pranavi Business Development Executive
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Priyanka is passionate about software development with extensive experience in website building. She has previously worked at MNCs like NCR and Infosys. At Chezuba, she adds new features to the website and leads day-to-day tech related activities.
Priyanka Senior Software Engineer
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Ruth has previously worked as a senior team member establishing customer servicing processes at Bank of America, and as an Adwords Accounts Associate at Google. She joined the workforce after a maternity leave and is extremely passionate about making the user experience awesome for our NGOs as well as volunteers.
Ruth Customer Support Head
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Sukhendra discovered the joy of helping others after his first volunteering experience in Malaysia. An IIT graduate, he worked as Product Manager, International BD and HR in Russia, Taiwan and India. After founding AIESEC IIT Dhanbad, he validated the idea of a global online volunteering platform and continues his passion of building diverse teams in Chezuba.
Sukhendra Chief Executive Officer
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A senior management professional with over 25 years of experience in a wide range of corporate sales operations like Sales Management, New Brand Launch & Establishments and Distribution. In his free time, Vijay likes to hit the tennis court and has a collection of sports bikes.
Vijay Head of Corporate Strategy
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Vikas’s high level of passion and enthusiasm is a subtle indication of who one of the youngest in the team is. An IIT graduate dreaming to build the best of the best IT products, he also loves Design. At Chezuba, he is the night owl, coding on the front end and designing on the back end.
Vikas Application Developer
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Digital marketing expert with experience in creation and management of social media strategies and campaigns, Vineeth has a great zest for increasing Chezuba’s brand awareness and promoting our customers engagement. An active football fan, he makes sure that his campaigns are sent to the right goal.
Vineeth Digital Marketing Manager
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