Use content writing to convince your stakeholders to take action

March 7, 2022

One of the most important requirements for nonprofits is content writing.

According to a GuideStar report, finding adequate funding and growing brand awareness are two of the most difficult challenges for nonprofits. Content writing helps you communicate with the general public and also numerous stakeholders about your activities. It can even assist you in building brand awareness and gaining new stakeholders. Simple, uncomplicated, and obvious language assists others in understanding what your Non-profit is seeking to accomplish.

What exactly is content writing?

Content writing is a method for any organization to promote its services, products, or activities to raise brand awareness. At its most fundamental level, content writing is sharing information, and it can take many forms such as:

What role does content writing play in helping non-profits tell their stories?

When was the last time you were moved by a piece of nonprofit content? What about it drew you in? Whether it was an email, a Facebook post, or the homepage of a website, it most likely told a story and featured real people. Something about it made you feel connected and cared about the cause. 

Good content writing motivates people to spend time on your website, respond to an email appeal, or follow you on social media in this day of continual digital distractions and overflowing inboxes. Storytelling motivates them to read & engage further with your cause.

The goal is to write in a way that is clear, purposeful, and emotional. The answers to "What is our story?" and "Why should people care?" are easy, brief, and essentially the same, as they are fundamentally linked. They are the key to content writing and should be present at all times, whether you're pondering how to write your not-for-profit mission statement, creating the content of your annual report, or posting on social media.

Content tailored to your target Audience

Is the content an annual report sent to all of your donors? Is it a cover letter introducing your NGO to a foundation? Is it a letter of gratitude to your volunteers? Consider not only who will be reading the content, but also their prior knowledge and involvement with your organization. This will assist you in being more particular about the content you should offer for each audience.

Listed below are some of the ways a content writer may help you:

Social Media Marketing: 

Social media is all about creating content to communicate information about your organization and tailoring posts to your stakeholders to deliver a great social media experience. Each post represents a fresh opportunity to reach a new audience, and hence poor social media content equals lost possibilities.

Annual Report:

Writing a yearly annual report for your non-profit organization can be interesting. You must ensure that current donors and stakeholders read it thoroughly, while also appealing to potential donors. You have the opportunity to express gratitude to numerous stakeholders and motivate action through the annual report. It allows you to highlight your achievements from the previous year.

Email/ Newsletter Templates:

Email updates are sent weekly or bimonthly to keep your supporters, contributors, and volunteers informed about the impact your organization has on the community. A Content writing volunteer can ensure that these email newsletters are entertaining, fresh, and delivered regularly. 

Grant & Proposal writing:

Grants are offered to fund initiatives, roles, and various operational parts of an organization. However, the skills of a persuasive writer are required to remain competitive in grant applications and to facilitate as much financing as feasible. Organizations that can produce detailed and persuasive grant proposals regularly are more likely to get chosen for funds.

Press Releases:

Press releases help the general public know about the work you are doing. The more persuasive and illustrative your press releases are, the more attention and support your organization will receive.

Website Content:

In the nonprofit sector, content marketing is one of the most underutilized brand awareness strategies. Blog posts, eBooks, personnel bios, and even your organization's goal are all examples of website content. Your organization may sometimes overlook such SEO strategies because developing interesting and useful content takes time. In reality, one optimized, high-quality blog post might take anywhere from eight to twelve hours to write. High-quality web content, on the other hand, might be the most important organic driver of traffic to your website, and it is something that should not be overlooked.

Chezuba makes it easier for volunteers and nonprofits to work together. A content writing volunteer can help your organization in a variety of ways as mentioned above; log in to your profile today, choose from the pre-filled templates, and publish!

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