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A one-stop volunteering management software that makes HRs' job so much easier

Management Software

Cloud software for your HR team to manage all activities at one place

Find virtual volunteering opportunities with our NonProfit partners spread across the globe

Volunteering Opportunities

Online volunteering opportunities with our partners across the globe

Employee Giving has never been more easier

Employee Giving

Seamless management of your employee giving program

Local online volunteering programs
for your global teams

Find impact opportunities for your remote teams now

Our data - driven approach results in lifechanging employee volunteering experiences driving impact in the areas they are interested in and communities they care about.

Leverage our vast network of nonprofit partners across the globe to create opportunities for your team.

Volunteering is a proven way to help improve mental health
Improved Mental Health &
Work Satisfaction
Your team can join hands to work on something meaningful thus connecting among themselves better
Enhanced Teamwork &
Happy employees mean happy workplace
Purpose-driven Culture
We are a trusted partner for many companies
Over a 100,000 people have used our platform to volunteer virtually
Thousands of NonProfits have benefited using our platform
We are truly global spread across 76 countries

According to the 2020 Deloitte Global Millennial Survey, employees have been re-examining the companies they work for with an eye towards purpose and impact on society.  

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"Working with Chezuba enables Tata group to scale our skill-based volunteering format and at the same time maintain high quality of volunteering experiences for our employees. Besides, their team is very professional and a pleasure to work with."

Hear from Tata Group what they have to say about Chezuba
Tata Group

"Chezuba is the platform of choice for corporates looking for volunteer based projects. Having started this initiative at ServiceNow, we have seen a tremendous success rate while employee satisfaction soared"

Hear from ServiceNow what they have to say about Chezuba

"Chezuba is an all-in-one platform covering all aspects of corporate philanthropy. Their pricing is very fair and they are very responsive, providing excellent support throughout. I highly recommend using their platform for corporate volunteering and employee giving.

Carrie Chen Fortinet

One partner for all your needs

We offer all-in-one solution to drive purpose-driven culture in your company
We believe making impact in the 21st century should be as easy as ordering food or finding a cab.
We will help you to make it happen
This is how we work
We understand each organization is unique, so is our approach to your volunteering program
Your requirements

We identify your requirements to propose customized solution, such as skill set of your employees , type of volunteering projects, timelines and preference of social causes to be involved.

our Sourcing

Based on your requirements we select the best nonprofits for your volunteering program. We pick only top-rated nonprofits from our database to engage with your employees.

program launch

A dedicated manager will make sure that all your employees are well onboarded. After the program launch, we regularly follow-up with volunteers, nonprofits and managers to ensure smooth execution of the program.


You care about your employees satisfaction and the impact they have created and so do we. Detailed reports and qualitative studies that we prepare helps you to assess your next steps in your impact-drive journey.