Advise on Promotion of Online Parent Empowerment Courses

Marketing strategies implemented helped significantly boost enrolments for both courses, showcasing the effectiveness of their partnership.
Sunrise Learning Foundation
Charu Singh, Director

A non-profit dedicated to empowering children with special needs, Sunrise Foundation is a ray of hope in its pursuit of a society that is inclusive and provides all children with growth opportunities and high-quality education. The foundation ensures that Children with Special Needs and their families have access to the necessary support networks to thrive.

Akshit Gupta
Head (Business Development), Unpack The Backpack

Akshit Gupta was introduced to ProEngage by his father (late), a Tata Projects employee. This project marks his second engagement through Chezuba and ProEngage.


The Project 

The project focused on promoting parent empowerment courses specifically designed for children with special needs,particularly those on the autism spectrum. Through a decade of experience working in the field of special needs education, Sunrise Foundation understood the critical importance of parental involvement in supporting children with special needs.  

However, they faced challenges ineffectively reaching and engaging parents to participate in the available courses. Despite offering valuable online tutorials aimed at empowering parents, the foundation observed a significant gap in parent engagement. This realization underscored the necessity of a concentrated effort to enhance the promotion and accessibility of these courses to a wider audience. 

By seeking expert assistance in marketing and promotion, the foundation aimed to overcome barriers to parent engagement and expand the reach of their parent empowerment program. In doing so, they not only intended to empower parents with the knowledge and skills needed to support their children effectively but also sought to generate funds to further support their mission. 

The Journey 

Akshit Gupta's journey with Sunrise Foundation was characterised by dedication, collaboration, and purposeful action. Engaging with the NGO'steam, he committed to address marketing challenges.  

“The prospect of applying my skills in a meaningful context and making a direct impact on social challenges was particularly appealing” says Akshit. 

The great thing about Akshit's involvement in the project was that it was a perfect match for his expertise. He already had experience working with schools in the Noida area, making him well-suited for the project. His extensive knowledge and experience allowed him to understand the foundation's needs deeply, even though they only needed a small part of what he could offering three months.

Specifically, Akshit provided valuable insights on creating a landing page for promoting the courses. He helped determine what information to include and ensured it was presented in a way that was easy for people to understand. Additionally, he guided the foundation on structuring advertisements for the courses, including creating target audiences, setting budgets, and determining the ideal time frame for running the ads. Akshit's expertise answered important questions and provided valuable guidance through out the project.

The Challenges Faced

Despite the successful collaboration, there were some challenges along the way. One obstacle was aligning meeting times that worked for both Akshit and the Sunrise team.However, they overcame this by showing flexibility and finding mutually convenient solutions.

"We were initially aiming for meetings once a week. However, Akshit went above and beyond, making himself available almost twice a week whenever we needed.”, says Charu Singh

Additionally, tailoring the marketing strategies to suit the unique audience of the NGO posed a significant challenge. Akshit and the team had to carefully navigate this complexity to ensure the messages resonated effectively with the target audience.

The Result

The collaboration between Akshit Gupta and Sunrise Foundation yielded tangible results. The marketing strategies implemented by Akshit helped significantly boost enrolments for both courses, showcasing the effectiveness of their partnership.

The volunteer program, which ran from August to October, focused on promoting two courses offered by Sunrise Learning Foundation. The first course, Emotional Regulation, saw a significant increase in enrolments, rising from just 1 inAugust to 7 by October. Similarly, the second course, Basic Computer Skills,also experienced a notable increase in enrolments, jumping from 1 in August to 6 in September.

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“Akshit’s contributions led to tangible improvements in our outreach efforts, helping us reach a wider audience and make a greater impact. He was not only pleasant to work with but also highly considerate of the unique needs of our situation, which differed from his previous experiences. Ankit's mindfulness and adaptability made our collaboration smooth and effective. We are grateful for Akshit's dedication and contributions, which have greatly enriched our work and mission.” -Charu Singh

“For me, my time with Sunrise Foundation was truly trans-formative. It wasn't just about sharpening my digital marketing skills; it was a journey of learning and growth. Working closely with the foundation, I gained a deeper insight into the world of special needs education.

Seeing the real impact of our marketing efforts on the community was incredibly rewarding. It reinforced my belief in the power of collective action and highlighted the importance of social responsibility. This experience has left a lasting impression on me, shaping my perspective and inspiring me to continue making a positive difference wherever I can.” - Akshit Gupta