Proposal Writing and Annual Report Writing for Centre for Integrated Development

The NGO required assistance with content creation, particularly in the areas of proposal writing and annual report development
Shreshtha, NGO Chairperson
Madhya Pradesh, India

CID, founded in 1992, addresses social issues in Madhya Pradesh's northern region, combating underdevelopment, famine, feudalism, and malpractices. With a focus on rural areas, CID advocates for vulnerable groups such as health, women, children, persons with disabilities, and tribal communities.

Manashi Adhikary
Head Failure Analysis and Plant Metallurgical, Tata Steel

Manashi, who holds a PhD in Metallurgy and has over 22 years of experience, joined ProEngage as a volunteer in 2022. Manashi has a natural talent for written communication and documentation, along with a keen eye for detail and strives for precise and concise articulation in her work. Given the flexibility of online projects and the ability to work at her own pace, Manashi finds that anything related to writing naturally appeals to her on this platform. She made her debut on the Pro-Engage platform during its 16th edition, where she was selected for a project focused on proofreading of documents. In line with her similar interests and passion, she applied for a project on content writing and proofreading during the 17th edition of TATA Pro-engage, and was chosen.


Project Execution

During their initial video call, Shreshtha, the NGO Chairperson, clearly expressed the requirements to Manashi. To familiarize herself with the gender equality landscape, Manashi was assigned the task of conducting research, which she promptly completed and submitted within a week. Impressed by her work, Shreshtha entrusted her with the task of developing a project proposal on gender equality. "The only proposal which I wrote in my life was on my PhD topic way back in 2014. I had never written any project proposal for an NGO earlier for their grant purpose. So this was a new learning and exposure for me." says Manashi With dedicated enthusiasm, Manashi submitted the first draft of the proposal within three weeks. Through regular communication and feedback, the proposal was finalized. A similar approach was taken for the second proposal on climate change. The third task involved preparing the annual report, allowing Manashi to gain a comprehensive understanding of the organization's work.


"I did not face any major challenge while working on this project." says Manashi who religiously sought project clarity and expectations of the NGO from the outset. Chezuba also regularly followed up on the project progress which was something important in order to keep the project on track. Shreshtha believed that online communication might not be effective, especially considering that Manashi had no prior experience in the social sector. However, she quickly realized Manashi's potential as she observed her ability to gather information and conduct thorough research. She wholeheartedly endorses Manashi as a highly professional individual who consistently delivered her work on schedule.

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Shreshtha's thoughts: "It was wonderful working with Manashi. We truly value thework she did and appreciate her valuable contributions to our organization. We hope to stay in touch in the future as well.

"The world is so very different beyond the four walls that I live in. Such engagement actually makes one realize about the real world and difficult situations at ground level. I suppose my contribution in Pro-Engage is only a droplet of water in the entire sea of volunteerism. If it has helped even one person, I am happy!" Shares Manashi.