Painting Training Sessions for Ashakuteer Orphanage

This project aims to review our current training methods and train our students to enhance our training program.
Ashakuteer Orphanage
Jeevan Rao Gudeti, Project Coordinator

Since 2013, Ashakuteer Orphanage has worked with orphan children, providing them with food, shelter, medical service, clothing and education. Currently the NGO is running 2 homes located in Hyderabad, accommodating 60 boys and girls.

Sulagna Dutta
Technologist, Tata Chemicals

Although Sulagna is a food technologist by profession, she has been a hobby artist since school days, and has proficiency in multiple mediums. She is passionate about art, and highly interested in interacting and training people.


Project Execution

Jeevan was looking at ways of how to break the children’s routine in their Ashakuteer Orphanage. From morning till evening, their days look the same, art classes were a way to recreate them and provide extra activity on weekends. Besides enjoying relaxing time, painting could improve children’s creativity, imagination and confidence levels. 

ProEngage Orientation Kit helped Sulagna to organize the project from the start, to plan the project deliverables and timelines in order to meet the NGO’s needs. She understood that Jeevan wants her to teach the children greeting cards creation, these would serve as a personalized gift to their donors. She had to decide all the other details by herself. She figured out that she has to plan the type of cards based on the occasions when sponsors would visit their beneficiaries. Before each class she would instruct the NGO what kind of painting material they should prepare.

The NGO was very happy with Sulagna’s approach and effort. “She has the heart for it, she is very interested in teaching. She also had done her homework - what the children need, what is their learning capacity, she could see it right after the first meeting. She has done a good assessment to reach the organization’s goal, she could think from a bigger perspective.”They have planned for 4 weekend classes, but at the end Sulagna gave 7 sessions.

Challenges faced

For Sulagna, commuting was a challenge. She had to travel to the NGO facility for 1 hour, so half of her day would be occupied by this activity. But as she mentioned “They were very hospitable. The NGO has arranged a pickup to pick me up close to the MRT stop every time. They treated me very nicely.” 

At the beginning she felt it was very unorganized, but once she understood their requirements it became much more clear. “I also wanted to reorganize the classes - to examine how each of the kids is performing - so I can understand how well I'm teaching them, but due to the covid pandemic, it didn't happen.”

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“Children felt happy, because they were very involved. And this is not studying, but an extracurricular activity.  They felt happy to use their creativity. And for us - we also felt very happy about the output. This was the first time we organized an art workshop. We did these personalized cards and when the donors came we had something to show them.”

“It was a great experience. One day so many people were making cards and the donors who visited that time came and they were able to sell all the cards - in front of me I saw the fruits of my work.”