Teaching Math and Physics to Students of Shashi Pathshala

The non-profit organization required a volunteer to provide instruction in Maths and Physics for 11th grade students, as they were without a teacher for these subjects.
Shobhit, Team SDF

Shashi Dream Foundation works towards eliminating hurdles like poverty, inequality and various other socio-economic factors that obstructs the development of our society and thus the Nation, by means of most impactful weapon, which is EDUCATION. Started in 2018, SDF operates three digital classrooms, creating an interactive and engaging learning environment for over 200 children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Neha Saxena
Senior Manager, Tata Consulting Engineers

Neha is a volunteer - teacher with an MTech degree and 13 years of professional experience. She worked for two years with a Delhi-based NGO teaching slum children and also taught at an orphanage. She's skilled at encouraging kids to be curious, clearly explaining tasks, respecting each child's abilities, and fostering their independence. These strengths help improve the kids' learning. Her work reflects her dedication to improving education for less privileged children. Given her background and love for teaching, it was a natural choice to apply for an online teaching project with Shashi Pathshaala in the PE 17 edition. "I chose this project because I am personally passionate about teaching and they needed someone to teach Maths and Physics - my favourite subjects."


Project Execution

Shobhit of Team SDF, remembers when Neha, their new ProEngager, came on board.It was nearing the close of the academic year, and they were desperately in need ofvolunteers who could instruct the 11th grade students in Maths and Physics. No onewas available until Neha arrived. She was then assigned a group of students and thenher sessions began. She initiated with Maths classes and, upon completing the crucialtopics, she proceeded to Physics.Every effort was made by her to guarantee the students' thorough preparation fortheir annual exams. There was a persistent effort on her part to stay updated with thecurriculum, learning resources, and the exam schedule, information that was gladlyprovided. The students themselves were full of praise for her dedication."The best thing about Neha was that she already had significant teachingexperience, so she engaged with the students on her own without needing muchassistance from our side. This resulted in a much smoother teaching as well aslearning experience." stated Shobhit


"Due to the limited time available before the exams, I found it challenging to cover allthe chapters and adequately prepare the students. However, I received good supportfrom the SDF team in coordinating the classes and in other matters." expressed Neha"There were some challenges as some of the classes had to be cancelled due to herprofessional and personal obligations but she made up for them through extra classeslater on. One of the distinguishing features about Neha was that, while most workingprofessionals insist on teaching just on weekends, she was willing to teach during theweekdays as well. We understand this took extra effort from her side, both, inarranging the time needed as well as in coordinating with the students to schedulethe class." revealed Shobhit

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"Our message to future ProEngagers would be to develop personal bonds with thestudents they teach and be actively involved in their learning process, even if theclasses are held just on weekends. This will help them in realising the true overallprogress of their students, and bring them immense satisfaction." suggests Shobhit

According to Neha "This experience was profound and the sense of giving back hastransformed me into a lifelong volunteer enthusiast. I am excited for more suchcollaborations via ProEngage, eagerly anticipating the next season.Volunteering has an unexplainable charm, and the satisfaction it gives is hard toexpress in words. It's a must-experience for all."