Empowering the Teachers of Vathsalya Charitable Trust with Computer Skills

The project’s impact transcended administrative functions, cultivating a culture of continual skill development among the staff. This enhancement led to a substantial improvement in the organisation's reports, enabling clearer communication with donor entities and stakeholders.
Sandeep Jethwa
Family Member

Sandeep Jethwa, as a family member of a Tata employee, joined the ProEngage project driven by a strong desire to contribute his skills for societal good. He brought a wealth of expertise in computer skills, Microsoft Office, and database management to the table.

Shubhada Ghosh
Lead - Dispute Resolution, Tata Tele services

Shubhada Ghosh, based in Bengaluru and lead at Tata Tele Business Services, brings extensive computer and Microsoft Office skills. She joined ProEngage to contribute to non-profits, create an impact and expand her network.

Vathsalya Charitable Trust
Tahsin Ismail, Project Officer - Child Development Centre

Vathsalya Charitable Trust, is a dedicated non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to addressing the needs of migrant laborers and their families in Bangalore, India. The organization operates across two centers, focusing on providing holistic support in areas such as education, nutrition, and healthcare. With four core verticals—Child Development Program, Child Nutrition Program, Income Generating Program, and Education Sponsorships—Vathsalya Charitable Trust aims to uplift marginalized communities by offering essential services and opportunities for growth. The organization's team is passionate about empowering migrant families through education, skill development, and access to healthcare services.


The Project

Vathsalya Charitable Trust faced significant challenges related to educational and technological gaps among it's team members, particularly the teachers working in their child development program. 

“The teachers, predominantly from local communities, lacked proficiency in computer skills, which posed obstacles in generating comprehensive reports required for donor organisations.”, says Tahsin Ismail, Project Officer - Child Development Centre (Vathsalya Charitable Trust).

Recognising this critical need Vathsalya sought support from Chezuba to bridge these gaps. The project aimed to provide targeted training and support to Vathsalya's team members, enabling them to enhance their computer literacy. 

The Journey

The journey of volunteers Sandeep Jethwa and Shubhada Ghosh with Vathsalya Charitable Trust exemplifies the transformative power of skill-based volunteering in creating meaningful impact.

Upon joining the project, Sandeep and Shubhada approached their roles with dedication and enthusiasm.They collaborated closely with the teachers, taking into account their unique backgrounds and learning requirements.

During the training sessions, Sandeep shared his expertise in computer systems, guiding the teachers through various applications and tools essential for their work. Simultaneously, Shubhada focused on enhancing the teachers' proficiency in data management and Excel usage, offering practical tips and tricks to streamline their reporting processes.

The Challenges Faced

Despite the project's overall success, Sandeep and Shubhada faced a few obstacles while volunteering. One key challenge was limited access to tools, particularly computer systems, which hindered teachers' hands-on practice. Furthermore, the teachers'various levels of technological skill made it difficult to customise training sessions that effectively met everyone's needs.

To ensure clarity and understanding, communication challenges such as language differences and technical terminology needed to be carefully navigated. Despite these obstacles, Sandeep and Shubhada tackled each one with tolerance and ingenuity,modifying their teaching methods and offering extra help as needed.

The Result

Teachers at Vathsalya learned how to use computers well, which in turn helped them in reporting and managing data effectively.

The project's impact extended beyond administrative tasks, fostering a culture of continuous learning and skill development among the staff. As a result, the quality and accuracy of the organisation's reports improved substantially, facilitating clearer communication with donor organisations and stakeholders.

The project made things easier for the organisation and helped Vathsalya's staff learn important skills for their careers.

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“Working with volunteers like Sandeep and Shubhada was a game changer for us. Their dedication and expertise helped our staff gain essential skills, improving our reporting capabilities and overall efficiency. We're thankful for their invaluable support. I am grateful to Chezuba for facilitating this collaboration for us.” - Tahsin Ismail.

“I attended sessions on Computer Skills and they were super helpful for me. I learned a lot about writing reports, and using programs like MS Excel and MS Word. The trainers were really patient and understanding, and they helped me a lot whenever I had questions.” - Janet, Teacher (Vathsalya Charitable Trust).

“The ProEngage experience was transformative for me. I realised the value of the role professionals play in creating positive social change. I would recommend ProEngage to everyone looking for a meaningful, enriching, and fulfilling volunteer experience.” - Sandeep Jethwa.

“I'm motivated to give back to the community by the chance to provide my knowledge and experience to non-profit organisations that are in need.”- Shubhada Ghosh.