Conduct Mathematics Classes

Due to COVID pandemic and suddenly classes shifting online, the NGO needed tutors to help high school students pass Mathematics exams.
Mrunal Patgaonkar
Tata ClassEdge - Manager-Learning Design
Mumbai, India

Mrunal joined Tata in 2020 and was quick to sign up for Proengage programs. Currently, she is working on math content for explainer videos of classes 11th and 12th for the e-learning platform - Tata ClassEdge. Before her Tata journey, she was a curriculum developer for 8 years, and prior to that, she has worked as a math lecturer for 6+ years. For her 3rd Proengage project, Mrunal was looking forward to interacting with students as for a few consecutive years, her work has been purely behind the scenes.

Moksith Bohra V
Tata Consulting Engineers Limited - Senior Engineer
Bangalore, India

Straight out of college, Moksith was placed in Tata and has been working with the firm for around two and a half years. He is a senior engineer, supporting the water system team for power generation projects and services. He has always had a love for teaching, especially Math and Science. His experience of helping his sister and friends with their studies, made him want to help more people with his skills. His passion for teaching and longer duration of the assignment made him apply for this project.

Ashoka Kumari, Project Coordinator
Bangalore, India

‘PASS IT ON’ Trust is a grassroots organization that promotes children’s rights and education for the marginalized. The Organization believes in and utilizes education, a Social Vaccine, to be a tool for fostering economic and social development for the young, especially girls from underprivileged and marginalized communities.


The Project

Without even a moment’s notice, the world had to make a drastic shift from offline to online in order to survive. But this change wasn’t easy for everyone and took a toll on the teachers and students alike. This is especially true when there is a lack of the necessary infrastructure to make the switch. The NGO wanted the students to continue learning and since the 10th grade is such a crucial academic year and math is a challenging subject, they posted this project.

The Journey

As with every project, the need for planning was critical. The initial call with the NGO was where the volunteers were oriented with what their target was, after which they were left on their own to strategize their way forward. The first meeting’s minutes that the volunteers kept helped them devise a plan for the project. They noted that their job was to teach 8 chapters and a few important board exam questions. They divided the number of chapters equally, 4 each, along with the board exam questions. Likewise, they estimated 1 month per chapter with the important questions in between to be able to finish the portion on time. They used the tracker provided by Proengage to stay on track.

Once they had a plan, the volunteers got straight to work. As a result of dividing their work, there was not much of an overlap in their schedules, and thus, no need for regular meetings. However, they would still meet at least once a month to discuss their progress. 

Moksith recalls being very nervous for his first session, as he hadn’t taught an entire class before, but Mrunal took up the first session and guided Moksith throughout the program. 

Both the volunteers made it a point to follow up with the project coordinator if they found students being absent from classes. But their motivation to continue on the project was four students who were very proactive during the classes.

Challenges faced

The project, on the whole, had no major roadblocks, and had there been any, the volunteers managed to resolve their problems quickly. For Mrunal, The timings of the sessions that she was initially given weren’t a good fit, but a conversation with the project coordinator fixed her timings. For Moksith, drawing diagrams and explaining on the computer at the same time was tricky. He decided to improvise and keep the diagrams ready to be added to the document during his session. 

The number of students attending the session in the middle dropped significantly, and the volunteers wanted to understand why that was happening. Upon inquiry, the volunteers were told that the students had a few personal issues and thus, couldn’t make it to class. 

Due to the lack of technological devices, many students weren’t able to attend classes. Their backgrounds clubbed with having either single parents or both working parents, they seldom had access to a smartphone to study. Out of 24 students, a few were regularly absent from class due to such circumstances.

Thousands of NonProfits have benefited using our platform

“I have been working with Tata volunteers since 2020 and will definitely use this platform again. The volunteers were mature and sensitive to the needs of the NGO and had a knack for managing the students. Their experience and professionalism really paid off as in the preparatory exams the students who attend classes regularly managed to score above 70 marks out of 80. The volunteers encouraged students to clarify their doubts and would take up extra classes when needed.” - Ashoka Kumari.

“It is true that we learn something new every day, and this project was a real joy to work on. From Moksith I learned how to create and use Google forms, which we used to assess our students. A proud moment for us as teachers was when we would find our students were exceeding our expectations with their performance. The cause of the NGO and Ashoka Kumari ma’am’s dedication is admirable. Through this project, I was able to gain a better understanding of how the NGO sector works and what the shortcomings they face are. I would definitely recommend Proengage and as long as I am working in Tata I’ll continue working with Proengage. The e-module and the orientation were very good, well streamlined, and professional. And didn’t require the volunteers to put in extra work.” - Mrunal Patgaonkar

“Mrunal ma’am taught me how to take up classes and be more confident. This was my first teaching experience and I really enjoyed it. So much so that I would love to have my own YouTube channel as an educator someday. The Proengage setup is wonderful and documents very clearly what the volunteer needs to do. This effort is duly noted, and I have already recommended the platform to my friends in different locations working for Tata. I learned to be more patient and this project has enhanced my presentation skills. I now understand the objective behind 10th-grade math much better.” - Moksith Bohra