Create Project Proposal for an Orphanage

The aim of the project was to create a proposal that would help the NonProfit raise funds to provide shelter and the necessary care to those in need
Priya Garg
Consultant - Tata Strategic Management Group
Kolkata, India

Priya as part of her regular job works on strategy implementation projects for the various companies that fall within the Tata group. Social work and welfare had been a part of her life since her childhood and she has constantly made efforts to contribute during her school and college days. On hearing about ProEngage, she realized that she could contribute while working too and thus decided to become a ProEngager. Growing old is a phenomenon that we all can witness and as we grow up, those around us age too. Priya wanted to do something for the people who are aging and hopes to work in this field in the future. Thus, She took up this project as her first ProEngage project.

Kumar Ichchhit
Executive Trainee - Tata Projects (Former-Employee)
Mumbai, India

Soon after graduating from IIT Delhi as a mechanical engineer, Ichchhit joined Tata Projects and was part of the business development department. During his days at Tata, He came across the ProEngage platform that allowed employees to give back to their community. Ichchhit has a soft spot for the elderly people of our society and feels that the youth must work to give them a life of dignity and respect. As his first ProEngage project, this one was ideal as it meant that he would be able to contribute toward helping the elderly and abandoned. Ichchhit has left Tata to pursue a few other interests to build his career.

Shalom Foundation
Avinash Chakranarayan, Project Coordinator
Pune, India

Established in 2018, this young nonprofit seeks to bring positive change to the socio-economic growth of its community. Shalom Foundation does this by working to empower women, and the youth, facilitate holistic development of children, spread HIV-Aids and COVID- 19 awareness, and take care of senior citizens. Shalom Foundation’s vision is, “To Bring the Positive Change of Social Economy in the community by providing Opportunities, Knowledge, and Resources for them to improve their standard of living.”


The Project

Shalom foundation has been doing a lot to aid the progress of society but even noble deeds cost money and the founders are at a standpoint where they need the help of external funding and donors. The nonprofit has acquired all the necessary certifications and is now ready to welcome others to help their cause. At present, there is a piece of land that Shalom Foundation wishes to use to build an orphanage. They needed a proposal that would help them provide shelter and the necessary care to those in need. 

The Journey

As the first course of action, the volunteers connected to chart out a plan of action and how they would work together. This way they knew they could always be on the same page. After this, they got in touch with the nonprofit organisation is to understand what was required of them. Once they had a clear understanding of the deliverable, the volunteers gave Avinash an estimated timeline along with a list of the various resources they might need from him.

The volunteers made sure to have weekly catch-ups to discuss the documents they have received, their research, and their progress. As both of the volunteers had little experience writing a project proposal, this was a great learning experience for them. They reviewed project proposals that were drafted in the past and learned what works and doesn’t work that way.

Once the volunteers had their work divided, they focused on their respective topics but never failed to check in to see if the other needed any help. This way they were able to stay on track and finished their project within 2-3 months. Avinash was also very supportive throughout the project and was very prompt in proving them with all the material they needed. 

Avinash had a very clear vision of what he needed out of the proposal and how this proposal was going to help the Shalom Foundation. Thus, it made working on the project very easy and it was a smooth process for everyone involved.                                                            

The Challenges Faced

One of the challenges that the team faced was that Ichchhit left the Tata group mid-project and there was slight uncertainty about whether he would continue the project or not. But Ichcchit personally reached out, expressing his willingness to continue the project even if he was not a part of Tata. The Chezuba team then intervened to help with a smooth transition.

With no prior knowledge of proposal writing, creating a winning proposal that would attract donors was the key objective of the project and thus, the team made sure they allocated enough time toward research. The initial days were a slight challenge that they quicking overcame with good coordination and teamwork. 

The Result

This project has given Shalom Foundation a ready project proposal that the foundation hopes to begin using as soon as they can. They hope to secure the land and have a shelter for an aged home, to help those who have been abandoned and have nowhere to go. Avinash is confident this proposal will help him secure the necessary funding for his mission.

Thousands of NonProfits have benefited using our platform

“From the beginning, I have always had a wonderful experience with ProEngage. And even with Priya and Ichchhit, they were a great set of volunteers to have on board. When volunteers contribute their valuable time, it helps take a lot of the workload off my shoulders and gives me a chance to focus my attention on more pressing concerns. I will continue to post projects on the platform and receive help in any way possible.” - Avinash Chakranarayan

“Right from the application process; filling out our details and throughout the application process, I felt ProEngage is a user-friendly platform. I found it easy to navigate and find the projects of my choice. This project helped me gain a lot of knowledge and I now have a new skill too. As we are all busy, there is a tendency to miss out on a few meetings or communication but, kudos to Chezuba for constantly interacting with us and ensuring our project was moving forward without any roadblocks. I would definitely recommend ProEngage as a platform through which you can lend your skills to various noble causes. ” - Priya Garg

“When I was working at Tata, I was looking for volunteering projects to work on my own time for but it can be hard to find projects that are credible on the internet. It was important to me that I worked for a nonprofit that was contributing to society and where my work would be valued. I am glad I came across ProEngage as they not only provided credibility but also a structure to our volunteer work. The process was laid out very clearly for us which made our work much easier. I would recommend ProEngage to volunteers for sure”- Kumar Ichchhit