Setting Up And Digitizing Financial Accounting System for Haadi Organization

The project helped the NonProfit move away from Excel sheets to automate and secure financial data consistency for reporting
Kiran Kumar Kota
Assistant Manager - Tata Projects
Hyderabad, India

Kiran is a graduate and while pursuing his master's degree, he was offered a few good job prospects and joined the corporate world. Kiran obtained his IRMA Certification Course in CSR.He has been with TATA Projects for the past 7 years and works in the CSR department. His work is related to both finance and CSR roles. After obtaining his IRMA certification, he wanted to share his knowledge and experience with the nonprofit sector which might not have access to such professional expertise.

Gaurav Sodhani
Assistant Manager - AirAsia India
Bangalore, India

Gaurav is a chartered accountant and has been working at AirAsia for slightly over 2 years. His work mainly deals with Budget, Analysis, fund allocation, and comparison of Airasia India ltd and also has a 3-year experience in tally ERP 9. When Gaurav came across ProEngage through emails and a conversation with his HR, he decided to give it a shot. On finding a volunteer project that was related to the field of finance, he knew it was the right fit as a first-time Proengager.

Haadi organization
Azmath Azmathula, Project Coordinator
Bangalore, India

A nonprofit organization started by a group of college students, Haadi’s mission statement is, “Let’s Fight Against Hunger”. The term “Haadi” means guidance. The nonprofit not only aims to fight hunger but also to provide nourishment, happiness, and consolation to the impoverished. The nonprofit also runs various activities to empower the youth to achieve success such as individual learning experiences in the form of - sports/entertainment and arts and self-improvement classes. These services have helped youth develop various skills and begin their career.


The Project

One of the primary concerns of the nonprofit was that they didn’t have financial expertise and knowledge, especially concerning record keeping.  They wanted to develop new strategies that would make book-keeping a more streamlined process for them.  For this, they decided to completely move away from excel sheets to an automated form of recording data. In addition, they didn't have a clear understanding of running an organization. This is why they needed a volunteer to help guide them through the process and explain the nitty-gritty involved. The nonprofit was only recording basic information and numbers but this wasn't helpful for their donors to understand completely where their money was being spent. This project of setting up and digitizing a Financial Accounting System ( strategies, software/technology suggestions) was meant to solve these issues. 

The Journey

Before the first interaction with the nonprofit, Kiran made sure he prepared himself for the meeting and the project he was about to take on. Once the team finished their introductory call, Kiran realized he already had all the skills required to take on the project and this would be a breeze. Gaurav too was excited to begin his project as he was looking forward to connecting with people from different industries. He was also hoping to get a firsthand view of how his skills can be applied to the real world and for their benefit.

They were at first given all the information necessary by Chezuba after which they had their introductory call where the volunteers first met the nonprofit. On their first few calls with the nonprofit, they only tried to build a clear picture of how the nonprofit works, its history, and their requirements from the volunteers. Once the volunteers had a clear understanding of the nonprofit’s requirements, they got right to work.

Kiran was good with the documentation side of the project whereas Gaurav’s strength lay with the technical aspect of the project such as Excel and automation. Thus, they decided to play to our strengths and we divided the work among ourselves in the same way. Even though we didn't set any hard and fast rules about who would do what, they chose to rely on their strengths. 

The volunteers connected with the nonprofit team over WhatsApp and via their various social media platforms. One of the challenges the nonprofit sought to resolve was that they didn't have a lot of financial knowledge. Educating them in the process and helping them apply this new knowledge in the right way was what the volunteers saw as their responsibility and made sure they answered any queries they had.  

Challenges faced

The nonprofit is a very young organization and thus working with them gave the volunteers a new perspective but there are a few challenges that come with being new. The nonprofit had a lot to learn and a long way to go when it came to having streamlined processes and meticulous procedures. Kiran remarked that he felt limited by the scope of this project and would have wanted to help and share his expertise and experience with the nonprofit to help them put in place certain procedures to make the organization more efficient. “Lending our support only in one area knowing that the nonprofit needs help in so many different ways, didn’t feel right to me,” Kiran added. 

Gaurav noted that the nonprofit didn’t necessarily have a clear understanding of their requirements. They seemed to be unaware of the kind of ways in which they can leverage their work and data. “They weren’t aware of the scope to which they could scale their processes with the right tools in place. I tried my best to give them a master sheet with tips they could use. I would have wished we had more time to educate them better,” Gaurav remarked.   

The Result

The volunteers helped us create a financial dashboard and helped us automate the process. They gave us a blueprint of the process in Excel and we then replicated the same dashboard on salesforce. Salesforce is very convenient as automatically details will be filled and invoices can be generated. This saves us a lot of time and manual effort and makes it easier to convey the workings of our organization. 

Thousands of NonProfits have benefited using our platform

“Before starting the organization, we knew we were very young. Most of our team consists of people just above the age of 20. But now that we have finished this project, we seem to have newfound knowledge and insights into the workings of an organization. The learning that we have had from this experience is immeasurable and we are grateful to get such experienced volunteers. They took the time to teach us the structure of a formal organizational setting and we enjoyed our time with the volunteers. On behalf of the entire Haadi team, I would like to thank the volunteers for all their support. I know they gave us their 100%.” - Azmath Azmathula

“ Knowledge is one entity that only grows when shared. This was one reason why I was so enthusiastic about completing this project and finding new ways to help the organization. Joined advanced Excel training classes after this program because I want to enhance my skills.  My interaction with Gaurav motivated me to develop my technical skills and not just stick to what I know. Now that I have completed my course I have taken up my next Proengage project to lend my newly developed Excel skills. I still keep in touch with the nonprofit even though our project ended and give them updates via our WhatsApp group on what I think might be relevant for them.” - Kiran Kumar Kota

“Even though the project was completed a long time ago, the fact that we are still in contact with the nonprofit delights me. I honestly don't feel like I have done something Out of the ordinary to help the nonprofit as my job revolves around the same skills that I volunteered for. When my colleagues would ask me to solve some of the queries I would share my knowledge and it felt like I was doing the same with the nonprofit organization. Getting to know Kiran was a great bonus and throughout various interactions, I came to have a profound respect for him. Moving on I would love to volunteer again.”- Gaurav Sodhani