CSR Platform - made just for you!

Giving back to the community is a benevolent act. So, why settle for what’s available? We built a platform that is as versatile as you and customised to your needs and your employees’ interests.

You're in good company
Personalized volunteering
Every employee can volunteer in exactly the way they want
100+ countries
Volunteering opportunities available for your remote teams across the world

All-in-one CSR platform to help drive
social impact effectively


Cloud software for your HR and CSR teams to run, execute and measure CSR programs. From creating events to managing smooth communication to gathering reports and data - everything is under one roof.


Gamified, personalized and diverse volunteering opportunities for your team. Whether they want to do something easy or something long, skill-based or fun-oriented, whether they want to do it alone or in groups - we got it all covered, in 100+ countries!


Options for your team to donate to NonProfits from across the globe, for the causes they cares about. Through gamified donations, campaign-based fundraising and dollars for doers, workplace giving now got that much more easier.
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This is your space!

The portal isn’t ours - it’s yours.

We offer custom branded CSR portals matching your company's brand. From colours to content, the customisation is so deep that this virtually is your own product than ours

CSR shouldn’t be expensive

Doing CSR shouldn't burn a hole in your pockets. So, we built a CSR platforms that is extremely affordable - starting at less than $1 per employee per month.

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Download a case-study

The case study briefly talks about the journey of Tata group’s partnership with Chezuba in scaling their skill-based volunteering program

26,000+ volunteering hours clocked

Over the years, the number of volunteering projects taken up by employees have increased multi-fold

Global expansion

Partnership with Chezuba helped Tata’s global employees in 80+ countries take part in volunteering programs

100% satisfaction rate

A whopping 100% of Tata’s employees stated they would recommend their colleagues in taking part in the volunteering program

One partner for all your needs

White-labelled platform for all your volunteering activities including live dashboard for your management team.
Volunteering opportunities tailored to your employees' skills, interests & time through a data-driven approach.
Employee Giving
In addition, we provide simple and user-friendly solutions for your employees to donate to their favorite charities.
Qualitative reports and case studies from your volunteering program to help your corporate branding.
Feedback from your employees and impacted nonprofits to improve future programs.
Dedicated Team
Responsive and dedicated customer support team comes together with your software. We got your back 24x7.