Creating Video - Surviving Behind the Enemy Lines

This nonprofit had a few images and video clips they wanted to concatenate to create a professional video that they could use to spread awareness about their nonprofit, display their work to their partners and reach out to potential donors.
Harshit Maggo
Delhi, India


The Project

On browsing through the list of nonprofits on Chezuba, he found the project - ‘Video creation’ for AJUTOR PENTRU OPRIMATI / De Oppresso Subvenire. This nonprofit’s project requirements and the cause they were working toward resonated with him and he wasted no time in applying for the project. 

Harshit approached the project with the same professionalism he does all his work. During his first call with the nonprofit, Harshit made sure to understand what the nonprofit was working toward and how Mr. Alexandru was trying to accomplish his mission and where he, as a volunteer could add value to the organization. AJUTOR PENTRU OPRIMATI / De Oppresso Subvenire is an organization that is solo run by Mr. Alexandru who advocates against the killing of stray dogs in Romania. 


Mr. Alexandru had been working relentlessly to curtail the killing of stray dogs in the country but he didn’t feel he was achieving the success he was hoping for. The video was meant as an exposé of the authorities, for the public to know the realities of what was happening with a call to action - to support AJUTOR PENTRU OPRIMATI / De Oppresso Subvenire’s mission. 

Harshit and Mr. Alexandru did not see eye to eye on a few creative aspects and many a time Mr. Alexandru would get carried away by his passion to set a flawed system right. Yet, the duo was able to find common ground and their project progressed smoothly. 


The 5-6 minute video was a hit. Viewing the problem the video aimed to shed light on, people from across the world reached out in support of the cause. Mr. Alexandru was seen in the video demanding answers from authorities about the previous mishaps and why the necessary action was not taken. It's difficult to quantify how many people saw it because he didn't post it on YouTube or social media, but he did receive calls and messages from people asking how they could help and contribute to this cause.

Proof of work


“Chezuba’s support team deserves special mention. They were always prompt with their replies and would constantly check in with me to understand the progress of the project and were ever ready to assist should I have needed any assistance. My experience with Mr. Alexandru was remarkable and through the project, I was able to gain insight into matters that I would have otherwise never come across. Being ex-military, Mr. Alexandru had discipline and dedication to his cause which was one of the primary motivating factors for me to continue working on the project. I will definitely take up more projects on Chezuba.”