Dashboard for Accommodation

This Nonprofit needed help to create a dashboard that would help them track and keep a systematic record of their volunteer data. This would help them manage their volunteers’ stay better.
Amigos de Iracambi
Iracambi, Brazil,

Amigos de Iracambi is a non-profit organization with registration in both Brazil and the US. The Brazilian Atlantic Forest is one of the top biodiversity hotspots in the world, and over the course of twenty-one years, they've planted over 165,000 native forest trees, established the first environmental education program in the area, developed the first web-based GIS, established thousands of acres of protected areas, welcomed 2000 students, researchers, and volunteers from 67 countries, and had an impact on the lives of thousands of residents in the Serra do Brigadeiro mountains. The nonprofit has pledged to plant 55,000 trees by the end of 2022, and a total of one million trees by 2030.

The Project

Eduardo Dreyer, the volunteer coordinator at Amigos De Iracambi, oversaw the entire project. The nonprofit receives volunteers from across the country of Brazil and the world like India and Europe. This involves keeping track of the data such as the volunteers’ names, email addresses, telephone numbers, the project they want to be a part of, their time of arrival and departure, and the duration of their stay. The nonprofit earlier maintained all this information on google sheets but they didn’t have a set system for recording this information in place. Eduardo took over, he had a tough time keeping track of data too and tried his best to learn how to make a dashboard himself. After a few tries, he decided that having a professional build one would be a better option. 


The Journey

As if on cue, Eduardo found Chezuba and decided to post the project on Chezuba. Indrani Das is an associate manager of customer experience. In addition, she has a Six Sigma Green Belt with 8 years of experience in Process Excellence and Analytics and is proficient in MS Excel and Outlook. Although she is content with her regular day job, she is constantly on the lookout for opportunities and ways to give back to the community. As soon as Indrani applied, Eduardo knew she would be perfect for the job and decided to get on a call with her the very same day.

He explained all his requirements to her and Indrani got to work right away. Indrani went about the project with a very professional approach and stuck as closely to deadlines as possible. She regularly sent Eduardo her work to check if what she was building suited his purpose. Since he wasn’t very proficient with the creation process and didn’t necessarily know the best approach to the dashboard, he believed in giving her the freedom to create what she thought would best fit his requirements. 

The thought process of reaching her level of expertise rather than her having to build a fundamental model for the dashboard helped both Eduardo and Indrani. She was able to create an easy-to-understand and user-friendly tool and Eduardo was able to begin using it from the moment the project ended. 


Amigos de Iracambi is a nonprofit organization that has volunteer programs such as Forests 4 Water where volunteers plant saplings and carry out research for various recipes for teas, shampoos, and cleaning products to have a healthier way of living. These projects are conducted with offline volunteers and as the volunteer coordinator, Eduardo had to keep switching between being on the field and in the office. Being in the middle of the forest while on the field, meant that the internet was hard to come by. His schedule was a slight challenge that both he and Indrani had to overcome

Project’s Impact

Eduardo began using his new dashboard the moment Indrani handed it over to him. Now, he was able to manage all the volunteers he had on hand thanks to the dashboard, with ease. This made his work a lot easier and more streamlined. He no longer had to waste time looking for data and could manage the volunteers’ stay better. The dashboard Indrani designed was easy to use and now he could find all his volunteer information in one place. 


“It was amazing working with Indrani. She always made sure to check with me to see if she was meeting our requirements and I think she did a marvelous job. She was always punctual although I wish I had been more available for her. As for my experience with Chezuba, I had a great experience and the team at Chezuba is very friendly and helpful. This platform is great and very easy to use. I would love to post more projects on Chezuba in the future. On the whole, I had a wonderful experience.