Designing a Promotional Video

The Nonprofit was looking for someone with the skillset to string together a video using pictures and clips taken by them. This video was to aid them in promoting their organization and displaying their work to their partners and potential donors.
Sanchetana Community Health and Research Center
Ahemadabad, India

Sanchetana was started off in 1983 by Dr. Hanif Lakdawala as a small clinic in a slum in Ahmedabad offering medicines to the poor at a subsidized rate. Over time, the organization has made intensive efforts to build, train, and facilitate leaders from urban slums. Sanchetana has made concrete efforts toward achieving communal harmony and peacebuilding among the marginalized. They believe every citizen has the potential to stand on their own feet regardless of their financial standing and strive to achieve this goal.

The Project

Sanchetana has been doing a phenomenal job in the fields of education,

community health, and advocacy for the less fortunate. Keeping up the good work and displaying to their audience all that they had achieved in the past year was going to be a task. The traditional route of writing reports seemed dull and they were looking for an engaging format to showcase their accomplishments.

A video to promote their organization and one that would prompt their audience to be more generous with their donations was what the organization thought they could benefit from and hence posted a project needing a video editor. The volunteer would be given pictures and clips that they would have to band together to create an engaging yet informative video. The fundraising officer, Merin Alias was the overseer of the project.

The Journey

Our volunteer Aryan Singh has a passion for filmmaking and possesses

professional-grade video editing skills. He had worked on editing projects before and was very enthusiastic about this project.

Upon receiving his application, the coordinator took time to interact with Aryan, via Chezuba’s chat feature, to gain an understanding of his work ethic and how good a fit he might be for the project. Once he was onboarded, the coordinator explained to Aryan how the NGO functions and shared with him the script along with the material to be edited. Aryan was given a flexible work schedule and the freedom to use his creativity and knowledge to create this promotional video.

The NGO kept in touch with Aryan throughout the project to clarify any doubts or hurdles if there were any. The organization coordinator recalls that the project progressed smoothly without any major hurdles.


Aryan managed to deliver a stunning video wiping off any concerns the NGO might have had. As a nod to the volunteer, the organization remarked, “Aryan’s knowledge of editing combined with his creativity created a video that exceeded expectations. We appreciate him and Chezuba for the same.” This video will be used for Sanchetana’s fundraising campaign.


“Chezuba is a platform to work with people across the world and to create a network of supporters from different countries. Chezuba also made our communication with the volunteers effortless. We need not wait for a response from either the volunteer or the support team at Chezuba. Our experience has been excellent and we have posted multiple projects for volunteers on the Chezuba platform.”