EP-80 • 28 min 54 sec

"Gentle Giants, Fragile Future: Securing the Conservation of Elephants"

Join us in this captivating episode of our podcast as we delve into the fascinating world of elephants. Elephants are not just large, majestic creatures; they are intelligent, empathetic, and crucial ecological engineers. However, African elephants are facing a dire situation, with less than 500,000 remaining in the wild and a significant portion of their habitats falling outside protected areas, leading to increased human-animal conflicts. But there is hope. Meet Dr. Kate Evans, the founder, CEO, and principal researcher of Elephants for Africa, a registered charity in England and Wales, and an NGO in Botswana. Dr. Evans, an award-winning behavioural ecologist and conservation biologist, conducted groundbreaking research on the behavioral ecology and movements of adolescent male African elephants in the Okavango Delta. In this episode, Dr. Evans shares her personal journey of falling in love with elephants and how it shaped her life's mission. She also sheds light on the critical importance of understanding male elephants' behavior and their role as the main instigators of conflicts with local communities. Get ready to be inspired by Dr. Evans' passion for conservation and her dedication to ensuring the survival of these magnificent creatures.
Podcast Guest
Dr. Kate Evans
Published on
June 17, 2023

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