7 Ways You Can Be More Charitable

September 14, 2022

To commemorate the day of one of the greatest Missionaries that ever lived, Mother Teresa, the United Nations marked 5th September as the International Day of Charity.  The day aims to raise awareness and provide a common platform for charity-related activities all over the world.  This is true for charitable organizations, corporations, philanthropic organizations, and volunteers alike. As an effort to mobilize people from across the globe to pay attention to the organizations that toil relentlessly for those who are less fortunate and take part in their causes by working alongside them or donating to their cause so that they may be able to cater to the needs of their beneficiaries. 

Like the concepts of volunteerism and philanthropy, charity fosters genuine social bonds and helps build inclusive resilient societies. The worst effects of humanitarian disasters can be mitigated by charity, which can also enhance public services for housing, education, health care, and child protection. It promotes sports, culture, science, and the preservation of our cultural and natural heritage. Additionally, it conveys the idea of humanity in times of conflict and advocates for the rights of the vulnerable and poor. We have shortlisted 7 ways in which you can be catalysts for change on this international charity day. 

7 Ways You Can Be More Charitable

It doesn't take a lot of extra cash to give to charity. You don't need to write a sizable check to contribute if you want to make a difference. These are 7 ways to give back to charities without having to shell out your money

  1. Help out a stranger

Small acts of kindness go a long way. We might not realize it but just a kind smile to the person next to you on the subway home, or holding the door of an old lady can be gratifying. India ranked 2nd in the world in the field of helping a stranger according to CAF

  1. Shop responsibly 

Many companies now give a portion of their profits to charities as part of their commitment to CSR. For instance, Whole Foods allows you to contribute your five-cent reusable bag credits to a nearby charity, and AmazonSmile will donate 0.5% of your qualified purchases to a charitable organization of your choice. Find out if the businesses you frequently purchase from allow you to donate to a cause along with your purchase by contacting them.

  1. Support local charities

In an effort to become self-reliant many nonprofit organizations encourage locals and their beneficiaries to make and sell locally sourced goods. These people generally use the skills or traditions that have been passed down to them to promote their cause and garner support. By buying locally sourced goods, you will be able to help people from these communities earn a living, support their cause and be an indirect ambassador for their brand. 

  1. Start a ‘Toy-Box” scheme

Many young children do not have the resources to buy and play with toys. By donating your old toys to various orphanages and charities, you will be able to put a smile on the faces of little children and watch them learn and broaden the horizons of their creativity and imagination.

  1. Take part in charity runs & marathons

Many organizations hold charity runs or various fitness-driven activities such as marathons or marches. These are usually held to showcase and express solidarity with the causes the organization is working toward. Taking part in such events will help make you aware of the realities these organizations and their beneficiaries face and you could carry forward their message via conversations or social media.

  1. Use your social media

Social media has become one of the most powerful tools in human history when it comes to the sharing of information. Many nonprofit organizations are using social media to get the word out about their work and trying to reach out to more people this way. You can help them by giving a nonprofit of your choice a shout-out on your social media accounts. 

  1. Donate a skill

As an individual and a professional, you possess various skills that you harness for your living. But there are those out there who do not have the resources to sharpen their talents. By donating your skills and time to help out an organization better its reach and administration or directly helping the individuals by educating them, you will be giving them an invaluable gift they can make good use of.

If you think skill donating is your way to go then, Chezuba is the right place to do it from. With nonprofits from over 100 countries and a diverse range of projects and skills to choose from, they offer virtual volunteer opportunities that can be completed from any part of the world.

To Conclude

You can participate in the International Day of Charity in a number of ways. No matter how much money you can spare or how much time you have available, charity contributions of any size are appreciated. It all comes down to doing what is practical for you. It is worthwhile to check to see if any events are being held by the many charities in your neighborhood and your chosen international charities on International Day of Charity. If they don't, you might decide to plan a charity event on your own. Events for raising money are always welcome. An idea and the desire to do good are all you need.

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