How Online Volunteering Inspired Me During The COVID-19 Lockdown

"The situation is tough, but I believe humanity is an overpowering force that can conquer the toughest of scenarios and coldest of hearts."

On one fine evening, when I was feeling a bit dejected due to the on-going COVID-19 Lockdown, a brilliant idea flashed through my mind. Although I didn’t know whether it was possible or not, I felt if there is a will there can be a way too.

In the next few moments, I found myself surfing through the Internet, looking for an opportunity to create a change. And then, I saw Chezuba on my laptop screen just right in front of my eyes. I knew that this was a call that shouldn’t be missed. And I'm proud that I didn’t!

After this, came a series of online volunteering projects that inspired, motivated, and uplifted me most indescribably. A sense of achievement garnished with an outstanding feeling of helping others came towards me. After all, we welcome within ourselves an aura of optimism when we decide to lighten up somebody’s heart.

How to Volunteer Online

Developing new skills has always been a delight for me. Through online volunteering, I imbibed new skills for example project proposal writing, which surely enhanced my writing ability professionally. Moreover, talking and understanding the NGOs’ ideas and expectations made me level-headed.

Exploration can rejuvenate your mood if you are caught amidst something very grim like a pandemic. On Chezuba, I explored and pursued the projects of my interest which kept me engaged until the day of their completion. Self-confidence is what I feel was deeply embedded within me. And with every word that I write now, I think my mental well-being is at its peak.

Career fulfilment resides at the core of most young individuals. I am one of them. As such, online volunteering has proved to be a boon for me. After the lockdown gets over, I am expecting some improved career growth opportunities due to an enhanced resume and some valid experiences in connecting with high-class professionals.

Summing up the thankfulness of my heart seems to be a rather difficult task. And I think all good things should continue for as long as possible. My journey with Chezuba will also be a similar story, even if the lockdown disappears. Because learning and growing shouldn’t stop.

Active volunteering shouldn’t stop! Connecting with the world should go on and on until we witness a change inside ourselves and also in our surroundings.

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