Online Volunteering is Good for Your Mental Health

Monika Satote
February 4, 2020

We live in the age of the internet and we have access to many things which people did not have before the internet. It has become easier for us to gain & develop our skills online and to utilize those skills online as well. One of the effective ways to do this is online volunteering. It boosts your mental health. Yes, you read it correctly. Read ahead to find out how.

This is how online volunteering boosts your mental health:

1. No physical work, but healthy mental work

When someone talks about volunteering, an immediate image that comes to our mind is helping people on the field, doing the hard work, roaming around the city to collect the funds, etc. But this is not the case for online volunteering. You can help people by being anywhere. You just need to use your skills for the welfare of NGOs. So, you see. There’s no physical work involved in this. Healthy mental work gives you the fulfillment of helping others which boosts your mental health.

2. The sense of helping people

When you are a part of something bigger, which is about helping underprivileged people, always gives satisfaction. It feels good to be a catalyst in the process of uplifting people and making this society better. It is a proven fact that helping others is good for your mental health as it reduces your stress and regulates your emotions. So, you can get this satisfaction by online volunteering which only needs your time and skills.

3. Emotional growth

Though it’s online volunteering, you can still connect with the people who work for the same cause. This gives you the feeling of getting connected with the community. You lose the feeling of isolation and feel involved in the good cause. You gain confidence with a sense of pride and integrity. Your anger, stress, and anxiousness reduce with this noble work.

4. Feel-good hormones get activated

As per research, when you help someone, your feel-good hormone and brain activity increases. You are impacting society by doing what you are good at.

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