Preparation of Course Materials for Vokkarane Seva Trust

This project was aimed on preparation of course material and presentations for various training modules.
Vokkarane Seva Trust
Varadarajan M V, Project Coordinator

Vokkarane Seva Trust aims to promote sustainable alternate sources of energy, spread awareness on pollution free environment & saving energy, and also provide training on communication skills, life skills & other managerial skills.

Smrity Bhawna
Customer Success Manager, Tata Communications

This was already a second volunteering project that Smrity has chosen as part of ProEngage program. Her daily job involves a lot of communication and building training modules is one of her regular tasks.


Project Execution

Professional training is one of Vokkarane Seva Trust’s core activities. They specialize in providing professional training for different sectors, including government school teachers, so they can better manage stress and students. All the course materials that include around 30-40 presentations that the Trust uses are in-house made and the director Varadarajan wanted to revamp these materials into more professionally-looking powerpoint presentations.

Smrity could have chosen any of these topics to work on. Her first choice was a course on ‘motivation’, as this was her long-time interest. As she was connected with Varadarajan on WhatsApp, sharing any information was very easy. After each slide was created she asked for feedback from the NGO trainers. This way, she was finished with her presentation in a 1,5 month.

The NGO was very happy with the outcome and asked Smrity whether she would like to help them with one more presentation. As the project was originally planned for 3 months and Smrity enjoyed the work, she has decided to pick another topic, this time “self-development” topic.  As Varadarajan declares, “The second presentation also came out very well. Smrity very well understood what we want. This helped a lot as our ground work is reduced. We use the ppts during our webinars - everything is ready, we just have to talk.”

Challenges faced

As Smrity recollects, “This is a success story for me. I didn’t find any single challenge, everything went so smooth. It was so easy to communicate with Chezuba and the NGO, constant communication and feedback taking. I've been part of CSR Platform activity for 7 years, but this is the success story.” She added that this project gave her much more confidence about making ppts, as she had to learn how to create animations and graphics which was new for her. “Now I can make any kind of ppt!” she smiles.

Varadarajan seconds Smrity’s words. “There was no challenge, it was easy flow.” I even felt that the COVID pandemic affected the project positively as the professionals had more free time to work on an online volunteering project.

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“The volunteer understood very well what we needed. She came out the a ppt as per our expectations. It was very good.”

“I love to be part of society and I want to give something back to society. There is nothing better that my skills can help. I create one ppt and that can help other organizations - it will bring change in other people's lives. There is a little contribution from my side that is going to make an impact. This is the biggest motivation behind volunteering, I'm bringing change.”