6 Activities to Plan for Employees this World Health Day

April 5, 2024

As the world gears up to celebrate World Health Day, it's crucial for organisations to prioritise the well-being and health of their employees. With ongoing challenges related to physical and mental health, employers play a crucial role in creating a supportive and healthy work environment.  Hence, planning engaging and meaningful activities for employees on World Health Day can not only foster a culture of well-being but also strengthen team bonds and boost employee satisfaction

In this blog, we'll explore six activities that organisations can plan for their employees this World Health Day as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility initiative.

Background of World Health Day 

Every year on April 7th, the world comes together to observe World Health Day. This global initiative, spearheaded by the World Health Organisation (WHO), aims to increase awareness about health concerns and promote equal access to healthcare for all. For this year's World Health Day, the focus is on the theme "My Health, My Right," which highlights the essential right of every person to receive high-quality healthcare without facing any form of discrimination or obstacles. With a strong emphasis on this topic, World Health Day strives to advocate for health as an essential human right.

Companies play a social responsibility in supporting the campaign by prioritising employee health and well-being. Through employee engagement initiatives, companies can contribute significantly to advancing the goals of World Health Day and promoting a healthier society for all.

Activities to Plan for Employees on World Health Day

On World Health Day, organisations can plan a variety of activities to promote employee well-being and social responsibility. Here are some engaging activities to consider:

  1. Health and Wellness Workshops 

Health and wellness workshops are a proactive approach to supporting employees' physical and mental well-being. These workshops can cover a range of topics, including stress management techniques, mindfulness practices, nutritional guidance, and fitness tips. By providing employees with valuable information and resources to improve their overall health, organisations demonstrate a commitment to their employees' well-being.

In these workshops, experts can be invited to share insights on various aspects of well-being. For instance, a nutritionist can discuss the importance of a balanced diet and offer practical tips for healthy eating. A mindfulness coach can lead sessions on meditation and stress reduction techniques. Fitness trainers can conduct interactive sessions on exercise routines suitable for different fitness levels.

  1. Volunteer for Health Causes 

Encouraging employees to participate in volunteering activities focused on health causes is an impactful way to make a difference in the community. CSR volunteering is not only a tool for being good corporate citizens but it also boosts employee satisfaction and well-being. According to The Gallup Report, organisations that prioritise volunteering activities experience a 17% increase in productivity, a 21% boost in profitability, and a 41% decrease in absenteeism among employees.

Organisations can use CSR platforms like Chezuba's corporate volunteering platform to connect employees with non-profit organisations that promote well-being. Through volunteering, employees not only contribute their time and skills but also gain a deeper understanding of health-related issues and the importance of social responsibility.

  1. Employee Giving Campaign 

Launching an employee giving campaign centred around health organisation or charities can mobilise employees to support important causes. Employee giving campaigns not only demonstrate corporate philanthropy but also empower employees to actively participate in the cause they care about. Research shows that companies with robust employee giving programs experience higher levels of employee engagement and purpose-driven employees.

Using Chezuba's employee giving platform, organisations can facilitate donations and fundraising efforts, encouraging employees to contribute to initiatives that improve healthcare access and services. 

  1. Employee Fitness Challenges 

Incorporating virtual fitness challenges into World Health Day activities can encourage employees to prioritise their physical well-being. Challenges can range from daily step goals to participating in yoga sessions, virtual marathons, or team-based fitness activities. Research indicates that engaging in regular physical activity not only improves physical health but also boosts mood, reduces stress, and enhances overall well-being.

Using Chezuba's corporate volunteering software, organisations can create and track these challenges effectively. Providing incentives or rewards for participation, such as fitness-related prizes or recognition, can motivate employees to engage actively in fitness activities. 

  1. Health and Safety Drives 

Collaborating with local organisations or NGOs to conduct health and safety drives is a tangible way to make a positive impact. Activities may include distributing hygiene kits, organising blood donation camps, offering first aid training, or conducting health screenings for employees. By addressing health and safety needs in the community, organisations demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility and contribute to building healthier and safer environments for all.

These drives not only create a sense of pride and fulfilment among employees but also strengthens the organisation's reputation as a socially responsible entity.

  1. Plan Fitness and Sports Activities

Encourage employees to engage in physical activity by planning fitness and sports activities for World Health Day. This could include organising group exercise sessions such as yoga classes, Zumba sessions, or outdoor sports activities like basketball or soccer tournaments. These activities promote teamwork, physical fitness, and overall well-being among employees. Consider partnering with fitness trainers or sports instructors to create engaging and enjoyable experiences for employees of all fitness levels.

Final Words

World Health Day provides a meaningful opportunity for organisations to prioritise employee well-being and engage in initiatives that promote social responsibility. By planning activities around health and fitness, organisations can create a work environment that priorities physical, mental, and overall health of employees.

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