Use your time off to do something good

June 16, 2022

As we go about our daily lives, we come in contact either from a distance or through direct interaction with numerous people. You could be commuting to work on the subway and have seen at least 4 homeless people, Someone trying to fetch food out of the trash, a wounded dog following someone rushing to work with a breakfast burrito in the hopes of getting the rest of it.

These observances might have now become somewhat of faded background imagery that plays day in and day out till you take a moment to stop and notice the hardships people face on a daily basis. No doubt that our own lives are filled with uncertainty and conflicts but for many of us, we can look forward to ending our days in the comfort of our houses, with a warm meal and a T.V. series we’ve been binging for a week.

The heart-wrenching scenarios from earlier might make you want to reach out and help those in need yet, the constraints of time, money, and your own family to get back to might acquire a higher priority status in your life and these people take a back seat in your mind till the next time your phone runs out of juice and you notice them again. 

What if there was a way to help them out through organizations that are already working to assist those who are indigent, vulnerable, and can’t get by on their own only by devoting 3-4 hours a week and not a lot of financial resources? Yes, virtual volunteering has been a game-changer in the way people volunteer.

According to The Global Journal, there are an estimated 10 million nonprofit organizations around the globe. Most of these organizations are led by individuals that possess limited resources and have to rely on volunteers or donors for their daily operations. Working out of the most remote locations such as the Amazon, the Kalahari, and the jungles of India to the Congo rainforest, They work in collaboration with tribal peoples, authorities, and several other decision-makers to protect lives and entire ecosystems.

So how do you fit into the picture? Volunteering is generally linked with acts of compassion that necessitate a physical presence, whether it is a beach clean-up drive or serving meals at a soup kitchen. But if the previous years have taught us anything, it's that many activities can certainly be done from the comfort of our homes. Of course, a virtual visit to a food bank won't help anyone, but there are a plethora of other methods to help the greater good without ever leaving your house. In fact, many non-profits and other volunteer-led groups have developed ways to recruit goodwill ambassadors from afar.

Virtual volunteering has managed to break all barriers of distance and time. Virtual volunteering, often known as online volunteering, entails doing your volunteer work from the comfort of your own home. It means you won't have to leave your house or rearrange your plans. It's one of the most original and wonderful modern notions yet, and you don't even have to be in the same nation as the person or organization you're volunteering for.

This also means that through online volunteering, you aren’t restrained by only being able to help out through monetary methods. You will now be able to take advantage of all the skills you possess to help the organization that requires aid in those areas. Virtual volunteering has the advantage of allowing you to give your talents to good use.

A new RAND Corporation study finds that Americans average more than 5 hours of free time each day out of which, Global internet users spend an average of 2 hours and 27 minutes each day on social media, Though trends vary greatly by nation. Instead of spending your precious free time scrolling through the various social media platforms, why not volunteer a skill instead?

Volunteering virtually is typically done over a computer or over the phone. Many online volunteering possibilities exist that merely involve internet communication, such as website design, email marketing, social media administration, blogging, app designing, and more. These are essential roles that nonprofits need in order to spread awareness about the causes they work for and to let people know what kind of work they do.

By choosing to volunteer virtually in your free time, you are not only helping those in need of your expertise but also improving your own mental health. You will also have an opportunity to upskill, add your good deeds to your resume to get good credit, and not to mention, have a wonderful experience overall.

Chezuba is a platform that has a network of global nonprofits that are in need of your skills and expertise. You can choose from a range of skills you would want to volunteer and find a project that matches your interests to a tee! 

By signing up, you will be one step closer to bringing about a real change in the world, all from the comfort of your own home. Sign up and become a change maker today. 

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